The motorsport world is gearing up for another thrilling weekend of Formula One racing this weekend, as the action transfers to Albert Park in Melbourne for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

While Ferrari and Red Bull have won one race each heading into the third race of the 2022 season, Mercedes has been the biggest surprise so far this season, having been the most dominant team throughout the Turbo Hybrid era.

While Lewis Hamilton finished third in Bahrain, he struggled to find pace in the Saudi Arabian GP, ending tenth.

Although, George Russell has managed P4 and P5 finishes in both the races, Mercedes are expected to step up the game in the Australian GP and are likely to introduce the first significant upgrade of the season.

Reports suggest Mercedes will feature an all-new rear wing, which will look to reduce drag. At the same time, the team might also potentially use a newly-designed floor.

However, these changes are understood to be only sticking plaster-type mitigations of the aerodynamic problems, while the team researches for a permanent solution.

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolf shared his opinions on the team’s performance ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

“We are in a learning race and the first two weekends have shown we still have plenty to learn. At the moment, our track performance is not meeting our own expectations, but everyone at Brackley and Brixworth is focused on understanding the problems and finding the right solutions,” Wolff stated, as cited by Formula One.

Damon Hill, on the other hand, remains bullish about Mercedes’ chances of competing for, and maybe winning, the championship this season. When asked about the chances of Hamilton battling and even winning the title, Hill said he couldn’t see why not, especially given the length of the season.

“I don’t see why not. He’s a long shot. The betting odds are apparently quite long so it might be worth a tipple on Lewis [Hamilton]. As I’ve said before, this is going to be a long, old battle. We will not remember the first few races of this season by the time we get to halfway through. It’s going to be a slog – 23 grands prix.”

Damon Hill also emphasised the importance of having a team like Mercedes surrounding Lewis Hamilton. For nearly a decade, the team has a track record of delivering the fastest gear on the grid.