Please take your seats for the next era of Formula One with a new, exciting sports car and a new driving mode, which recreates the aggressive wheel-to-wheel action that has kept us glued to our seats thus far during the 2022 Formula One season. Formula One will produce a one-stop touring exhibition and an immersive experience covering motorsports’ incredible history and exciting future.

The official exhibition will be the place for every fan to visit. We are thankful for the many organisations and personalities from Formula One that have contributed to this exciting new exhibition. The showcase, designed and produced by the specialist experience specialists, Round Room Studios, is described as the First Major Exhibit to take place in Grand Prix Racing’s history, with an expected immersive, interactive component. At the official exhibition, visitors will be able to view a selection of single-seaters who have written Formula One’s history and watch films taken from F1 film archives, enabling them to revisit the most memorable episodes of over 70 years of their life of the premier racing series.

Tim Harvey, lead producer & managing partner of Round Room Studios, said that the exhibition would blend new, immersive technologies which will revitalise the dramatic stories of Formula One with entertaining, interactive sessions which will generate greater interest from their fans. In a surprising manner, as well as fun and interactive sessions that offer a variety of perspectives into the past, present and future of Formula 1. New Race Options in F1 22 give you greater control of the virtual race day in F1, with options to select from exciting, radio-style formation laps, safety car periods, and pit stops. This information will not be front-and-centre for many fans until we see cars competing on the track. He also said, “Over the last three years, we’ve worked closely with various contributors, from iconic teams to legendary designers and champion drivers. Next year, we open the doors to a next-generation entertainment experience that will capture the imagination of all its visitors – from avid fans to young kids and families – we can’t wait!”.

Commercial Managing Director of Formula 1, Brandon Snow, said, “In recent years, Formula One has witnessed tremendous expansion, and our increasing fans are at the centre of everything we do.” Establishing a world-class global exhibition for fans all over the globe to experience and enjoy, headed by a world-class production team, is a logical next step for our sport.

F1 is also working with investment firm Manhattan West on the exhibition. Details of the first Formula 1 Exhibition showing, including venue and on-sale date for tickets, will be announced later in 2022.